Woman’s body found in shed behind TX funeral home

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

The body of a woman who passed away in 2006 was found on Friday in a shed behind the Forest Park Funeral Home in San Antonio, Texas.

The woman was identified as Ada Young. Her body was suppose to be cremated but instead she was placed in a casket and left to decay for years.

The San Antonio funeral home was closed a few weeks ago and has since relocated to another location.

The woman’s family can’t believe this happened to their loved one.

“Why would you leave a loved one of anybody’s in a garage, in a shed?,” asked Rhonda Pickaree, the woman’s granddaughter. “She is a human. She is my grandmother.”

The owner of the funeral home could not be reached for comment. Meanwhile, police have made no arrests, but say they are likely to file charges of abusing a corpse.

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