Obama promises health care reform this year

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One question at last night’s prime time health care event on ABC got personal when a neurologist from New York asked for a promise.

Dr. Orrin Devinsky asked that the Obama family get medical care offered in the so-called public plan. That’s the President’s proposal for government-sponsored insurance. President Obama wouldn’t bite.

“If it’s my family member…I always want them to get the very best care,” said Obama.

The President stressed the public plan would be a way to insure Americans who aren’t covered now, not mandatory coverage.

President Obama said, “If you are happy with your plan and you are happy with your doctor, then we don’t want you to have to change.”

But would employers quit offering more costly coverage? Republicans warn yes.

Rep. John Boehner, House Minority Leader said, “It is a complete government takeover of our healthcare system which is gonna lead to higher taxes, rationing and a lower quality in our health care system.”

The issue dominated hearings on Capitol Hill. Bipartisan governors went to the white house from states drowning in health care costs.

Gov. Mike Rounds from South Dakota said, “We know that we share part of that burden, today we’re really struggling, we know the federal government is struggling.”

But they struggled over offering government insurance. Gov. Jennifer Granholm from Michigan said, “We couldn’t get agreement among governors on this issue of public option.”

President Obama said, “This is not an easy problem.” And that health care change is possible and necessary. “Ten years from now you’re not gonna be happy because it’s gonna cost twice as much or three times as much as it does right now.”

He promises reform will happen this year.