Jackson’s music flying off the shelves

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Michael Jackson’s music is flying off store shelves. Gloria Washington loaded up on Jackson’s hits at Best Buy hours after his death.

“I’m devastated. I’m totally devastated. I’m a true Michael Jackson fan,” said Washington. “I was there at his concert here in 1984. I was 17-years old. I’m just totally shocked and I’m so upset, but I’m just totally shocked!”

Best Buy’s D.J. Malcolm said news the word of Jackson’s death opened the floodgates of fans looking to buy his music.

“We got the word around 6 o’clock. And since then it’s just been customer after customer after customer coming out here for Michael Jackson. It might just be a sampler, but it’s still Michael Jackson!”

Vernita Johnson also grabbed what she could from the rapidly emptying shelves.

“I loved him. I loved him. And it just really hurt me,” said Johnson. “I’m just speechless. I was just screaming!”

“Michael Jackson was an icon. My mom played him every day in the car at home. All I heard was Michael Jackson songs,” added Malcolm.

Less than two hours after word of Jackson’s death, the shelves were bare. Gloria Washington got what she came for.

“It’s well worth it. Something I’ll have for a long, long time to pass on to my grandbabies!” said Washington.

“He was the best! He was the best!”