Rumors of open memorial for Jackson has fans lining up

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(AP Photo/Michael A. Mariant)

Rumors continue to swirl about a massive public memorial service being planned for Michael Jackson this, as the pop-star’s will may have some in his family feeling left out.

A flurry of activity was spotted at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Tuesday as rumors of a public memorial service to be held at the ranch on Friday already has fans lining up.

“My plan is to just wait here. I’ve brought enough stuff, water,” said fan Luanne Ferraginie.

With funeral details still pending, local law enforcement say they are getting ready for what could be a fan and media frenzy.

“We’re hearing the same rumors you are so that is why today going through those steps to plan and prepare for those kind of contingencies so that we’re ready so we don’t have to scramble and react if they do come,” said William Boyer with the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department.

Meanwhile, the Jackson family has received a copy of the singer’s 2002 will. Michael’s attorney plans to file the document in court as early as Wednesday. In it, Jackson reportedly gives guardianship of his children and the majority of his assets to his mother, Katherine.

A veteran entertainment reporter claims other members of the family, including Jackson’s father Joe may be cut out.

“There was one will, it’s done and the family is gonna have to live with it, whatever it says,” said roger Friedman, editor of

And it’s those assets that may bring the most in-fighting among Jackson’s family and inner circle assets that continue to rise after his death.

Sales of Jackson’s music have skyrocketed over the past week selling over half-a-million albums in the U.S. since his death.

It is still unclear where Jackson will be buried. California state law prohibits Jackson’s uncremated remains from being buried at Neverland Ranch.

However, cremated remains can be kept in a home or private mausoleum outside a cemetery.