Woman brutally attacked by pit bull

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On what would have been any other Saturday afternoon, Hindman was headed home from a trip to the 7-11, when she decided to swing by a friends house to say hi. Little did she know, she was about to get a horrible surprise.

“The pit bull came from underneath the car and just jumped on me,” Hindman said. “He bit me first on my bottom part of my lip and I snatched him away and then he grabbed the top part of my face and ripped my nose and my mouth away from my face.”

Terrified and in pain, Hindman ran to her family’s house around the corner where they called the ambulance.

Once she arrived at the hospital, she immediately underwent plastic surgery and received around 200 stitches.

“They had to put my nose back together,” Hindman said. “I’m afraid now…I’m really jumpy.”

Hindman said the dog was picked up by the city and is now in at the animal services shelter.

Aaron Vannoy, animal services manager, says they are now investigating the case and deciding whether or not this is a dangerous dog.

“We do have two conflicting stories right now,” Vannoy said. “Our investigators are working on that to clear that up to see where the attack actually took place.”

Hindman said she had to muster up the courage to face her attacker again, but this time in a line up, to make sure they had taken in the right dog.

“It happened so fast, he let me see again and for sure,” Hindman said. “They have the right one.”