Congressman defends his criticism of Jackson and the media

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Watch Rep. Peter King defend his remarks

A New York congressman continued his harsh words for the media coverage of Michael Jackson. Republican Peter King first spoke out over the weekend, and his comments wound up on YouTube. He expressed frustration over the media’s focus on Jackson, whom he described as a “pedophile” and “pervert.”

Yesterday he defended his comments on what he calls the “endless” and “mindless” coverage of the late entertainer. He also brought up Jackson’s 2005 trial on child molestation charges, which ended in an acquittal.

“The media chose to overlook the fact that Michael Jackson was an abuser of children, he slept with young boys, by his own admission. He had kids staying over in his house overnight,” the congressman said.

“I think what I’ve tapped into, if you will, is a resentment that many people felt. And I was experiencing it over the weekend, especially at 4th of July parades, when people would say when is this going to stop? What is this with Michael Jackson?”

A Jackson family spokesman says the family is preparing for his funeral and will not dignify King’s statement by commenting.

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