Welcome to Hotel Obama

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ACCRA, GHANA — Obama fever has gripped Ghana. Ghanaians want anything Obama-related, from T-shirts to songs. Now, some can sleep in his room.

Hotel Obama is a brand new hotel in Ghana’s capital city. Every room is designed around a Barack Obama theme.

“If there’s a hotel named Lincoln, if there’s a hotel named Washington, why not have a hotel named after Obama?” said Coretta Owusu, who manages the hotel.

“Most people stay in the Obama suite if they’re coming for a special occasion, or coming with family,” Owusu said. “We have Michelle Obama right next to Barack Obama and across from Obama is Joe Biden’s room.”

It’s a budget conscious hotel featuring 18 themed rooms priced at $60 to $100.

They’re not just politically themed rooms. At the Hotel Obama you can make stops all through the President’s life by staying in rooms like Harvard or the Chicago room.

Even though this Obama was inaugurated less than a week ago, it’s already the talk of the town. But along with the excitement there is some frustration President Obama isn’t doing a public event like Clinton did during his visit in 1998. Ghanians really want to get a glimpse of Obama and are disappointed that for the most part he’s going to be kept behind closed doors.