Ammonia cloud claims life of mother

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In a very unusual situation, a South Carolina woman died Wednesday after driving into an ammonia cloud. When her car stalled she tried to escape the poisonous fumes on foot, but was unable to make it.

Marva Ginyard couldn’t believe it when she heard her mother died from a plume of ammonia.

“We started calling her phone about 8 o’clock and she didn’t answer.”

Jacqueline Ginyard was on her way to work at lower home health care in Lexington. She never made it.

Lexington county detectives say she drove into the cloud of ammonia.
The gas halted her car’s engine to a stop.

She tried to get away but collapsed from the fumes. It’s all hard for the family to swallow.

“I went to pieces, I went to pieces, I couldn’t believe it, just couldn’t believe it.”

Tomorrow, Marva’s older brother Marvin is coming into town. She’ll have to break the news to him and relive the tragedy all over again.

“It’s going to be sad, it’s going to be harsh.”

Marva says she’ll never forget their last conversation.

“I said, mom, I love you, I’ll see you tomorrow.”