Documentary to help young black men

For Our Sons is a cinematic helping hand for the Black sons about to enter the war zone from the veteran Black sons who have been there and triumphed over society's ills on these battlefields of poverty and crime.

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death. is reporting on a documentary about the state of young black men in America entitled Four Our Sons.

The 86-minute film consists of 19 powerful and important interviews with 19 powerful and “important” Black men from different walks of life, men who have “been through the fire” of growing up Black and male in the oftentimes hostile environment of the inner city but through strength and perseverance built for themselves their own versions of the American dream. The film employs insightful interviews, contemporary images and archival footage, the biographical life lessons of men to create a moving and engaging narrative of what it means to go from Black boyhood to black manhood in America today.

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