Chris Chambers takes apart CNN’s Black in America 2

Do you remember the first one? According to Chris Chambers from The Retort via our friends at Jack and Jill Politics, the second one didn’t shake too much ground.

·**Is the problem that black folks already know about all the topics that are being put forward?**

·**Are white folks even watching?**

Here’s a taste, but click here to check out the whole thing.

“Safe” has many connotations. Familiarity, universality, steady and expository communication. It also means routine, typical, unchallenging. Banal. The usual thing, made for the usual people, about the usual topics, garnering the usual responses.

The guests, along with fanny pack-festooned white tourists and yuppies on their way to happy hour milled about, gawking at the gathering well-dressed professionals of color. I went back outside to look around close to 7pm. A young lady waiting to flash a ticket to CNN flacks at 701 Pennsylvania Avenue was texting while simultaneously talking with her cohorts. The young woman peered up from her from iPhone at the gaping white people and said to her friends, “They [the white people] are ones who should see this, if things are going to get better.”