Daughter Elizabeth Gates talks about her father’s arrest

Check out the The Daily Beast’s piece from daughter Elizabeth Gates on her father’s arrest:

The arrest of my father, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., left me cynical and angry. He told me what happened to him in jail, how this affects whites too, and why I shouldn’t give up on America yet.

Henry Louis Gates Jr: “No, I think the actions of Sgt. Crowley aren’t the actions of everyone on the Cambridge police force or all white people in Cambridge or Boston or in the United States. I mean, there are bad white people and bad black people. There are good police officers and bad police offers. We depend on the police—I’m glad that this lady called 911. I hope right now if someone is breaking into my house she’s calling 911 and the police will come! I just don’t want to be arrested for being black at home! I think this was a bit of an extreme reaction.”