Florida asst principal popped toes for punishment

A Florida high school assistant principal charged with disciplining students could soon face discipline himself for handing out some unusual corporal punishment.

King High School assistant principal Yinka Alege is being investigated for “popping” the toes of misbehaving students.

Alege would have the students bare their feet and then pull down on their toes until they popped when sent in for discipline.

Alege told one student that, “He could not hit him so the toe popping was a form of punishment,” according to a police report.

School district spokesman Steve Hegarty said the toe popping was not considered discipline.

“Someone, none of the students involved, had a problem with it and may have misinterpreted it and complained,” Hegarty said.

Toe popping is similar to knuckle cracking, said podiatrist Dr. Barry Blass, but it can have long term effects if done repeatedly.

“If you pull far enough you could theoretically tear tendon or a joint capsule,” he said. “But you’d have to pull it pretty far and you’d have somebody in significant pain long before it would get to the point of causing damage.”

Alege could not be reached for comment.