Rev. Run and wife Justine take message of family to paperback (VIDEO)

theGRIO VIDEO - They're usually laying down the law on MTV's "Run's House." But Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons and his wife Justine can also get thier point across in paperback...

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They’re usually laying down the law on MTV’s “Run’s House.” But Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons and his wife Justine can also get their point across in paperback.

The couple recently released their second book, which advises parents to stay involved in their children’s lives, even as they get older.

“Don’t think once [your children] get 17, that’s when you’re supposed to relax,” says Justine, who has had several children’s books published. “That’s when you’re supposed to get [more involved.]”

The Simmons’ first book on parenthood was a New York Times bestseller. Their currrent release, “Take back your family: How to raise respectful and loving kids in a dysfunctional world,” identifies several areas where parents can form stronger bonds with their children.

Rev. Run knows where to look first.

”[The children] are important but [Justine and mine] relationship is first,” Simmons said. “And since our relationship is first, everything else has to follow. If we’re not strong, everything else is falling apart.”

At book signings, many families have shared their appreciation for the pair’s message.

The presence of many African-American families has also been touching for the authors.

“A lot of families come together, we see it,” Justine said. “We just pray that when it’s all over that we’re able to inspire and help.”

Rev. says guilt or bad behavior from children creates distance from their parents. He says family meetings are critical moments where everyone can come together and talk to one another.

“People are still not eating together and not having fun,” he said. “The family that plays and prays together, stays together.”

More books might be in the family’s future.

“I pray that [this one] sells well, I want everybody to go pick it up,” Run said. “If it sells well, we can get another [book] going.”

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