Economy forces OBGYNs to become one stop medical shop

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Whether it’s for a check up, a mammogram or prescription refills, most women see their OBGYNs once a year.

But more and more patients are turning to OBGYNs for general medical advice and the economy may be to blame.

At just 22 years old, Jamie Moore is a healthy young woman, but she’s seen her OBGYN five or six times just this year for a range health care issues.

“A stomach ache or heart racing, or just colds or headaches, things of that sort,” Moore said.

Dr. Roderick Diggs says because OBGYNs see their patients regularly – they develop a long-term relationship.

“And over time that relationship becomes closer, so we become someone that they trust and so they’ll come to us,” said Diggs.

Dr. Diggs says this is a trend he’s seen for several years, but with these tough economic times, he’s says more patients are turning to him, so they’re not faced with two separate co-pays.

“If it’s simple, it’s fine. However, if it’s something that is a little more complicated or something that’s going to be a long term issue, like blood pressure issues, cholesterol issues, then I encourage them to go see a PCP,” Dr. Diggs said.

Jamie says she really has a greater comfort level with Dr. Diggs than with any other doctor.

“The relationship that you form as a woman first is with your OBGYN,” she said.

And she plans to continue looking to him – for all her basic health care needs.

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