Accountant takes unemployment into his own hands

Wilson Lauture has been unemployed since April and he has taken to the streets, literally wearing his story on his sleeve, hoping to get noticed.

Lauture said he has tried everything to land an accounting job. He’s sent out his resume, networked and filled out applications, but nothing has worked. In July, he used a few office items to make himself, and is two sons, into walking billboards.

“We want to be exposed as much as we can so that more people can see us,” Lauture said. We are not searching for fame. We are not begging for provisions. I just need a job.

Lauture lost his accounting job in April and has worked part time since, but he cannot make ends meet. He’s behind on the mortgage, drowning in credit card debt and faces a mountain of student loans. So, Lauture came up with a more in-your-face approach — sandwich boards.

He and his sons wear red, white and blue posters that each include Lauture’s contact information, the job he needs and a snippet of his story — he has a B.S. in accounting, emigrated from Haiti and is now a U.S. citizen. The boards also include a plea for a job.

Lauture campaign hasn’t landed him a job yet, but so far the feedback has been positive.

“I have had some phone calls, which have indicated that this is really a brave thing that I have done. I have also gotten some phone calls from some employers” he said.

Others, like Attley Jackson who stopped by to read the poster on the corner of Congress and Howard avenues, offered what little she could.