Football player tackles girl with gun on school bus

VIDEO -- A Yazoo County, Mississippi teenager is being called a hero. A second teen is in the county youth detention center facing a mountain of legal troubles...

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A Yazoo County, Mississippi teenager is being called a hero. A second teen is in the county youth detention center facing a mountain of legal troubles after threatening children with a loaded pistol on a school bus yesterday morning.

The footage taken from inside the bus would give any parent nightmares. It is seconds before an angry and agitated 14-year-old female passenger commits a terrifying act with a loaded pistol.

The 14-year-old girl claims she was tired of being picked on and decided to take matters into her own hands.

“There’s cameras above the bus driver’s head and it shows her taking the gun out of a large back pack or book satchel and shows her standing up, putting the magazine in the bottom of the gun and then turning around and making her threats… saying that she would kill this one and kill that one and it could’ve been terrible… it really could,” said Sheriff Thomas Vaughan.

But it wasn’t, thanks to some quick thinking and quick action by a teenager, wearing jersey number two, a stand out Yazoo County High School football player who happened to be on the bus.

“He tackled her and saved no telling how many lives as a result,” said Sheriff Thomas Vaughan

Sheriff Vaughan wouldn’t tell reveal his name but local reporters later discovered he is Kaleb Eulls, a defensive end and quarterback for Yazoo County High and according to Sheriff Vaughan, the definition of a hero.

“Because he said the reason he confronted her and tried to keep her looking straight at him because if anyone got shot he said that he would’ve rather got shot than any of the rest of them and I think that is absolutely tremendous on his part,” said Sheriff Thomas Vaughan.

There were 22 people on that bus, including the bus driver. Most of them were elementary school aged children headed for the Linwood School.

“He’s hard to describe,” said Eulls’ coach Matt Williams.

He wanted to say a lot more about the kind of person Kaleb Eulls is, but he says the school district asked him to stick to this statement.

“The district is proud that our bus driver and our student diffused the situation fast and efficiently and we’re just proud of the way our bus driver and student handled the situation,” said Williams.

Meanwhile, Kaleb Eulls was back on the practice field after school, helping his teammates prepare for their game against Velma Jackson.

As for the 14-year-old girl, she is charged with 22 counts of attempted aggravated assault, 22 counts of kidnapping and one count of possession of a firearm on school property. She’s spent the Tuesday night in the Yazoo County Juvenile Detention Center and Sheriff Vaughan says she could be tried as an adult.

The sheriff says he also plans to talk to her parents to find out how she got the .380 caliber semi automatic pistol used on the bus.