Atlanta floods are deja vu for Hurricane Katrina victim

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Several hundred people spent Tuesday night at Red Cross shelters in Georgia because of the flooding. There were more than 200 people spending the night inside on cots and more were arriving.

Flooded out neighbors from Lithonia appear more like family. They play board games, watch movies, and take turns caring for the kids. They also pool what few items they each packed up before being evacuated from their homes.

Unfortunately, Nakisha Miller knew what to do when the flood waters started rising Monday. She was in Mississippi when hurricane Katrina hit. Metro Atlanta was supposed to be her new start.

She purposely picked a home she was told was not in a flood plain.

“It’s very hard to explain, it’s just devastating because you didn’t, it was unexpected…you just didn’t believe t would flood in some of the areas that it did.”

More than 350 people are now making their homes at Red Cross shelters. They are unable to go back to their homes to see what’s left, if anything.