Florida woman goes from liposuction to life support

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Rohie Kah-Orukotan went into the Weston Med Spa in Weston, Florida on Friday a healthy mother of three just looking to shed a few pounds.

She left on a stretcher and is now brain dead as her family wrestles with the tough decision of pulling the plug after what they said was a simple procedure that went horribly wrong.

“A healthy 37-year-old woman shouldn’t go in for that type of procedure and then be declared legally brain dead three days later,” family attorney Michael Freeland said. “That’s not normal. That shouldn’t happen.”

The Broward Sheriff’s Office has opened a case that could turn into a homicide investigation if and when the family decides to terminate Orukotan’s life, which is now solely dependent on hospital machines.

No one is sure exactly what procedure Orukotan underwent at the spa, but the Weston Med Spa’s website advertises slightly intrusive procedures like liposuction, Botox, laser hair removal and other anti-aging procedures.

The spa also offers traditional services like massages and facials.

Representatives for the company could not be reached for comment on what happened to Orukotan on that fateful day.

The Sun-Sentinel reports the spa did not have a license from the state Health Department to do full liposuctions. State officials are looking into the matter.

As for the Orukotan family, they are still holding out hope that the woman who sacrificed so much to take such good care of them doesn’t have to be sacrificed.

“Something bad went wrong,” said Oking Habib, a family friend. “We hate to lose her. This is very hard for the family. She is a sweet lady.”