Marina Franklin won’t be giving anymore advice to mothers on how to raise their children.

The Chicago-born comedian had a run-in with one mother who was yelling at her child and Franklin decided to intervene.

”’You don’t talk to your child like that,’ I told [the mother],” Franklin laughs. “But then she started yelling at me and I didn’t know what to do.”

And now the story is a part of Franklin’s stand-up act.

Franklin’s everyday comedy helped land her a spot on NBC’s “The Jay Leno Show,” as a correspondent.

Franklin, who has lived in Harlem for more than 10 years, says comedy has been her outlet since an early age.

“I think any moment that’s serious for too long is boring,” Franklin said. “If people aren’t laughing and I’m not laughing, then it’s just sad.”

Franklin struggles to describe her comedy style, but cites comedians Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy and Wanda Sykes as her inspirations.

“You have to put in a lot of hours and be willing to stay up until 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock in the morning,” Franklin said of her work ethic. “If you want to get better you have to be out every single night working on your craft. And that’s what I did.”

Franklin has appeared on “Chappelle’s Show,” NBC’s “Last Comic Standing II,” and has also performed her material overseas.

She said the Leno opportunity came at a time when she is becoming more comfortable on stage. Her first comedy segment focused on Harlem’s gentrification and aired last week.

“The best part is the work, the comedy, that’s what it’s all about,” Franklin said. “Seeing it come together and it looking like a good piece, it was so exciting.”

Comedian Kyle Grooms calls Franklin his “sister in the comedy game.” Grooms has appeared on Comedy Central, BET’s “Comicview,” and “Def Comedy Jam.”

Grooms and Franklin have toured and filmed comedy specials together. They also practice new material on each other.

Franklin called Grooms when she learned she got the Leno gig.

“Anything you get in this comedy game is a blessing,” said Grooms, who is currently touring in the United Kingdom. “It’s always good to see a friend get something positive.”

Franklin is shooting her next comedy spot for Leno this week.

“I see myself doing bigger and better things,” Franklin said. “I’m just so excited about everything that’s happening. I’m getting more comfortable at what I’m doing.”

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