Pastors look for answers in ponzi church scam

An investigation is underway in Michigan where two men are accused of bilking dozens of Michigan churches out of thousands of dollars.

They set up and used kiosks to bilk money out of the churches.

Attorney general Mike Cox and the victims gathered just a few feet from another object that was the hook of a ponzi scam, a kiosk that played messages in the churches.

A smooth-talking salesman told the pastors the kiosks were from a national sponsor who would pay for everything.

The pastors didn’t realize when they signed the document that they were on the hook to a leasing company for thirty-nine thousand dollars per kiosk. When the leasing companies didn’t get paid they went after the churches.

Cox has filed charges against two Maryland men who allegedly masterminded the scheme across the country.

The pastors have had to deliver the deliver the bad new to their parishioners.