An attempted robbery at an Akron, Ohio supermarket ends with the store clerk shot multiple times. The whole thing was caught on tape.

These are desperate and vicious characters, even though police believe the two suspects are only teenagers.

Here is how the crime unfolds:

The suspects walked into the “Far Less Food Market” with weapons drawn.

Because the clerk had been warned about suspicious men in front of the store by a customer that just left, Surinder Nagra or “Sonny” as he is known, had his weapon at the ready.

“They don’t seem to care who they shoot at or where they shoot. The store is a busy corner market in the neighborhood,” Akron Police Detective Jeff Lamm said.

Police say Sonny drew his weapon but didn’t get a shot off before the hooded suspect fired five or six shots. The second suspect in the red coat had already run from the store.

Even though he was shot in the stomach, chest and arm Sonny was still on his feet.

“He was very lucky. It was at close range, less then five feet away from each other in a confined area. Lots of items in the store were struck. He was lucky he didn’t get a ricochet or something worse,” Det. Lamm said.

Lamm says the images may be blurry, but the customer who first saw them told police he recognized the two from the neighborhood.

“I believe someone knows the guys and will identify them from the tape,” Lamm said.