Seventh suspect arrested in homecoming rape case

Police in Richmond, California have arrested a seventh person in connection with the brutal gang rape of a 15-year-old girl outside Richmond High School’s homecoming dance.

Elvis Torrentes told reporters, “I didn’t do it.”

A team of officers took the 21-year-old man into custody at a home in the northern part of Richmond at about 7 a.m., according to police Lt. Mark Gagan.

Gagan did not know whether the suspect had attended the high school.

Police believe the suspect played an active role in the October 24 attack in a secluded area of the school.

According to police, a group of as many as ten people beat and raped the girl for more than two hours while others watched.

The man is being held on 1.25 million dollar bail.

“His bail reflects the severity of his crimes and the role we believe he played in this crime,” Gagan said.

A sixth suspect, Jose Carlos Montano, 18, was arrested Thursday.

Four other suspects have been charged and were arraigned Thursday.

All four are also charged with enhancements that make them eligible for life in prison if convicted.

Another person was arrested but later released after the district attorney’s office declined to file charges.