A 16-year-old boy in Texas says his pleas of help to school officials were ignored last week.

Jayron Martin said he went to two assistant principals and a bus driver warning them that some boys were threatening to beat him up because he was gay.

Jayron Martin is an openly gay ninth grader at Langham Creek High in Harris County.

Jayron says last Thursday he asked two school officials for help because a student threatened to beat him up after school that day, but Jayron says he got no help.

When the school bus stopped in his neighborhood, Jayron says nine kids started chasing after him. Desperate for help, he ran into a neighbor’s open garage. He says the gang of kids continued chasing him through the neighbor’s town home and one 16-year-old boy started beating him.

“He was hitting me with the metal pole, saying ‘you’re not gonna be gay any more, you’re not gonna be any more, and everybody hollering’ get the *** and all of that stuff.” said Martin.

Jayron said the startled homeowner pulled a shotgun and ran the kids off and then called the police for help. A spokesperson for the school said the bus driver is on administrative leave and an assistant principal is under review.