NBA Hall of Famer Earvin “Magic” Johnson is still dishing out assists, even if he’s not in command of the Los Angeles Lakers’ “Showtime” offense.

Johnson, whose Magic Brand has a presence in more than 80 U.S. cities, is trying to get more jobs in urban areas where he says African-Americans need work most.

In a conversation with theGrio, Johnson called the African-American unemployment rate “devastating.”

“We have to now have a plan of action to put African-Americans back to work,” Johnson said. “You can have a general plan which we need because [President Barack Obama] has to turn this whole recession and the economy around. But then you can have an initiative where it’s just geared towards black males and females…”

The 12-time All-Star said targeted partnerships between prominent organizations such as the National Urban League and NAACP and the federal government could be a start.

Johnson’s most recent partnership with food giant Sodexo has helped provide both jobs and food services for many African-Americans across the country.

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