This weekend’s East Coast blizzard is buzzing on the Internet thanks to videos taken at a snowball fight in Washington, DC.

“Don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight” was the chant from hundreds of young adults at the snowball fight, gone terribly wrong.

After snowballs slammed his red hummer, an off-duty detective got out and drew his gun.

“At first, it was unclear he was affiliated with the law enforcement at all. People were concerned. He had a gun so people started freaking out,” said one witness.

Tensions flared in the freezing temperatures as yet another snowball pelted the detective in the face. Uniformed officers soon arrived on the scene.

“A uniformed police office came onto the scene and he also had his gun drawn. ‘cuz he heard reports there was an armed man but he didn’t realize it was a plainclothes detective,” says another witness.

Once police realized it was one of their own with the gun, they put their own guns away. No shots were fired, but strong words were exchanged between the detective and the crowd.

The incident was captured on tape by Reason-TV, which was on the scene. The snowball fight was a viral call to action on the Internet for a good old-fashioned snowball fight; a snowball fight that clearly got out of hand.