A little girl born in Mobile, Alabama may be the world’s tiniest baby.

In August, a set of triplets was born at USA Children’s and Women’s hospital, and although it’s not yet official, the tiniest in the set may have broken the record for the world’s smallest surviving baby at 9.1 ounces.

Doctors are calling Oliviyanna, Oriyanna, and Tayvanna three tiny miracles. Collectively at birth they weighed less than four pounds.

The mother of the three newborn girls Jamesha Harbin said, “I just started praying and asking god to help them through the way.”

The tiniest of the three, little Oliviyanna, is not just proving miracles exist she’s also breaking a record for what might be the world’s smallest surviving baby.

And who thought something so small could be so intimidating? But mom and dad, 16-year-old Jamesha Harbin and Robert Page both say they were terrified, at first.

“It’s been nervous and nerve-racking. I was scared to hold them when I first seen them because they were so small. I was afraid of hurting them,” said Page.

Doctor Charles Hamm said, “The challenges? If we have an hour or two we can go through all of them there are a tremendous amount of challenges because none of the organ systems are mature in babies this size, and they all require support.”

Oliviyanna’s two sisters are already home with mom and dad, and doctors say she’ll get to go home soon, as well.

They’re remaining cautiously optimistic that all three little miracles will lead a normal life.

Hospital officials say Oliviyanna broke the national record by one gram. The previous record holder was a girl born in Illinois, in 2004.