While most of us were ringing in the New Year – one heartland family was falling apart.

Six children were removed from their home for reasons of safety.

It is a nice little house on the corner, snow covered like all the rest right now, but Omaha police say inside the home it was not so nice.

According to police reports the people living inside did not have any running water since March of 2009, the reports get more graphic.

No food in the house, garbage scattered all over the upstairs, and standing piles of human waste in the bathroom toilets.

The revelation came as a surprise to neighbor Toni Barnes.

“She’s a pretty good mom and if she can’t make it home in time for the kids you know she’ll make sure that I’ll let them in my house until she gets home from daycare so, I’m not understanding what’s going on next door but she’s a great mom as far as I can see.”

Barnes saw a lot on New Year’s Eve.

Police went to the house next door the check on conditions inside the home.

While there they say Lashannon Triplett, the mother, became irate.

In addition to the six counts of misdemeanor child neglect Triplett also faces a disorderly conduct charge and resisting arrest.

Barnes watched as it all unfolded.

“The mom takes very real care of the kids and the dad is also there too, the kids are very well dressed and they go to school on time she works so I’m not really understanding what’s happening next door but i don’t believe she should be locked up.”

Orlando Edwards, the father, was cited for six counts of child neglect.