Eagles fan slaps a woman wearing Romo jersey

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Showing Tony Romo some love could be dangerous if you’re a fan in Eagles country.

Just ask Bethlehem, Pa.’s Jamie Wert, who allegedly received a slap to the face simply for walking down the street wearing her beloved Cowboys sweatshirt on the eve of the bitter rivals’ Wild Card showdown.

The Eagles rivalry full of DeSean tweets, Spadaro spits and convincing Cowboys beat downs sprawled out beyond the field Friday night when two guys wearing Eagles green (one in a McNabb jersey the other wore Brian Westbrook’s No. 36) allegedly attacked the woman near her Goepp Street home.

It all went down around 9:30 Friday night when Wert, wearing her Romo hoodie proud, heard someone yell, “Hey Romo,” she said.

She turned around to receive the rude welcoming of five fingers to the face. The slap earned her a small cut on Wert’s face.

‘’I really freaked out because I could feel the blood running down my cheek,’’ Wert told the Morning Call.

But, for the most part the 27-year-old victim was physically OK.

She kicked one of the guys before the men got away. Wert didn’t get a good look at the attackers so no descriptions (outside of the Eagles jerseys) were available.

Wert, who is from Pennsylvania but still roots for the Boys, was shocked by the entire incident and her fiancée was disgusted by not only the slap but with Birds fans in general, he told NBC Philadelphia.

“Eagles fans really take it too hard — it was wrong what they did to her,” said Dave Fry.

The couple let a sign out front know that level of disgust — “kill the Birds, cut their wings off.”

Looks like the Cowboys already took care of that one by shelling the Birds right out of the postseason.