Just outside the airport in Port-au-Prince, tent cities have sprung up where homeless victims of Tuesday’s earthquake are seeking refuge.

For shelter, they have makeshift tents made of sheets. For food, they are surrounded by vendors frying chicken and grilling hot dogs. And yet many in this tent city are not eating well at all. They cannot afford the food that vendors are selling at inflated prices.

“We have so many people who died, and the ones that are left have come to live here,” one earthquake victim told theGrio’s Marlie Hall. “We don’t have any money, and the food is too expensive.”

Vendors who have boosted their prices say they are just trying to get by.

“This is no luxury for us, either,” one vendor said. “We have people who died, too. We’re just trying to make a living.”

The homeless Port-au-Prince residents say they are starving with food all around them. Aid groups have brought water, which is free — but not food, they say.

For most people here, the price of food is yet another hardship in a seemingly impossible situation.