From NY1:

“Marvelous Color,” presented by Somos Arte at the Caribbean Cultural Center in Midtown, features classic African-American comic book characters like The Black Panther, Storm from “The X-Men,” Harlem crimefighter Luke Cage, vampire-slayer Blade and James Rhodes, who has been both “Iron Man” and “War Machine.” The comic book pages on display show interpretations from artists from different generations.

The exhibit’s curator, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, says the Marvel characters have served as an inspiration for decades.

“This is definitely an inspiration for many generations of young people and adults to this day, because these characters have been around for over 40 years, so they have inspired and influenced a lot of people of all backgrounds,” Miranda-Rodriguez said. “Many of these characters have been translated into not only comic books, but film, television, video games, toys.”

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