Obama supporters rally for health care reform votes

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Protesters marched outside a Washington conference of the big insurance companies that are opposing reform on Tuesday.

They were there to show their support for President Obama’s health care reform bill.

Democrats are still wrangling for the votes they need to pass the bill.

House Speaker Pelosi has vowed she’ll soon have them.

“We have the ideas, we have the commitment, we have the dedication, we know the urgency,” she said Tuesday. “Now we have to have the courage to get the job done.”

Members of the Tea Party movement are vowing to come to Capitol Hill and demonstrate at the offices of other House Democrats undecided about Obama health reform.

“It’s terrible plan and there’s no salvaging it,” says Tea Party activist Lisa Miller. “You just have to start over again.”

Republicans are urging Democrats not to use reconciliation to pass the bill.

“This should not be something that is being rammed through the House and the Senate and force-fed to the American people,” warns Wyoming Senator John Barrasso.

They likely won’t get their wish.

House Speaker Pelosi and President Obama have both said they’re willing to use reconciliation to pass health care reform.

The vote could come next week.