Police are searching for the heinous individual who heartlessly beat a nun at St. Lucy’s Church in Newark, N.J. Thursday morning.

Jim Goodness, a spokesman for the Newark Archdiocese, said the 55-year-old nun was working in the convent of St. Lucy’s Church around 11 a.m. Thursday when she heard a noise and saw a man in the building.
The burglar, who was described by parishioners as wearing a dark overcoat and having no teeth, then unleashed his fury on the nun.

“She was punched in the face a few times, knocked to the ground and then kicked in the face,” said lifelong church member Joseph Scurese. He said the victim, Sister Obiama was a “beautiful, religious, faithful nun.”

Goodness said the nun was not seriously injured.

After the assault, the man made off with a laptop computer, cops said. She was being treated at an area hospital and expected to be released later in the day.