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Swine flu has been off the radar for many Americans, but doctors have continued to see a steady number of H1N1 patients.

A recent spike in severe cases in the Southeast combined with new statistics that show just one in four Americans have been vaccinated has many experts warning the virus is not gone, and there is still time to protect yourself.

“The H1N1 virus hasn’t disappeared, it’s still smoldering, still being transmitted in our communities,” warns Vanderbilt Medical School’s Dr. William Shaffner.

Experts aren’t sure if this is the start of another wave or merely a blip in the statistics.

What they do know is that doctors have given more than 80 million doses of vaccine, but that still leaves millions more Americans vulnerable.

Meanwhile, some of the vaccine is getting closer to its expiration date.

Still, there are hundreds of thousands of doses available, and doctors say it’s not too late to get a swine flu vaccine.

Nearly all of the patients hospitalized now did not get the shot, and experts can’t predict how long the virus will be circulating.

Last year cases popped up throughout the summer.

For those of you who were vaccinated in the fall, you are still protected.