OAKLAND, California (AP) - Dwight Howard broke Wilt Chamberlain's nearly 50-year-old NBA record for the most free throw attempts in a game...

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Back when Twitter was just a newborn in this digital world we live in it was very easy to find people to follow. Some were your friends from real life while the majority of the connections made were brand spanking new and limited to ones digital life and various personas online. Part of the appeal of Twitter was that it was a melting pot of some pretty cool people. It’s still a melting pot, but it has gotten harder and harder to weed out the marketers, passerbys, and the like. In short, it’s hard to find the cool and interesting people that made Twitter a desirable destination to connect with others.

Instead of telling you the obvious people you should follow, celebrities and other notable people, we want to show you who you should REALLY be following on Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few people you already know mixed in, however the large majority of these cool tweeple you probably haven’t heard of but should’ve. Check out 20 people on Twitter you should be following but probably aren’t.

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