HIV positive sex offender to stay in jail beyond sentence

VIDEO - A New York State Supreme Court judge has ruled Nushawn Williams, an HIV positive sex offender, as a danger to society who must remain behind bars even though his jail sentence is complete...

A New York State Supreme Court judge has ruled a Jamestown man poses a danger to society and as a result, must remain behind bars even though his sentence is complete.

A hearing under the state’s new sex offender and treatment law took place Thursday afternoon involving Nushawn Williams, who prosecutors say infected more than a dozen women with HIV.

State Supreme Court Justice John Michalski said there is probable cause that Williams suffers from a “sexual abnormality” that would pose a danger to society.

With the ruling, Williams could now face a trial to determine his future status.

Both sides are due back in court next month as they hold arguments over a defense motion to dismiss the case.

There could also be an independent psychiatric evaluation for Williams.

Family members in court, including Williams’ wife and mother, contend their loved one poses no threat.

Attorney Daniel Grasso took over the case to represent Williams against the claims of the New York State Attorney General that he should be confined.

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A 2007 state law requires that each sex offender be evaluated before they are released to determine the likelihood that they could commit another sex crime.

Nushawn Williams, who also goes by the alias Shyteek Johnson, pleaded guilty in the late 1990s to counts of statutory rape and reckless endangerment.

Prosecutors said he knowingly spread HIV to more than a dozen females.

One of the victims was only 13-years-old.

April 13th was his release date but the new law could keep him in a state facility.

In March, a state psychologist conducted a three hour interview with Williams at Wende Correctional Facility in Alden and determined he was not ready to be released.

The psychologist said Williams is “a sex offender in need of civil management.”

The report also stated that Williams was kicked out of substance abuse rehab and never enrolled in sex offender treatment programs.