From The Huffington Post:

When two struggling families appeared as guests on The Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about the home foreclosures they were facing, they had no idea a surprise guest would make their problems disappear.

The Eller family and the Allgood family shared their stories with Oprah and explained how the national recession took its toll on them. For John Eller, losing his job as a corporate executive forced him to take lower paying jobs in order to support his wife and eight children.

For single mother Alycia Allgood, buying her first home after years of saving was an accomplishment she could be proud of, but when her company downsized, she too fell months behind on her mortgage payments.

To the surprise of both families, Black Eyed Peas star stepped forward to pay the $350,000 owed by the Ellers and the Allgoods, reports. has created the home fund to collect donations for families struggling with mortgage payments, at risk for losing their homes.

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