13-year-old girl fights off knife-wielding attacker

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A southern California teen is lucky to be alive after being held at knife-point by a man who approached her on the way home from school.

“I didn’t see him coming, leaving, anything…he just popped out of nowhere. He told me to get in the car, or I’m gonna cut you” said Guadalupe.

The police suspect Leonard Earl Scroggins, a registered violent sex offender and convicted rapist from Napa County, wanted in connection with a parole violation.

“He had a GPS device on his ankle last night which apparently he has removed” says National City police.

Guadalupe fought back and got away. Her only injury is a small cut on her finger.

“I just went like that and gave him an elbow hit, and I screamed ‘let me go’”, says Guadalupe.

Police praised her courage.

“She did great, she fought him and got away. If she gets into that vehicle her chances of survival significantly decrease.”