World famous singer Beyoncé Knowles has brought her sense of style to Brooklyn.

Knowles and her mother launched the Beyoncé Cosmetology Center as part of the Phoenix House Career Academy, which offers vocational programs for recovering addicts.

The Cosmetology Center will offer a residential substance abuse treatment program that will teach women and men how to prepare for a career in cosmetology.

Knowles first learned of Phoenix House while doing research for her role as Etta James, a heroin addict in the movie Cadillac Records.

“I felt like they needed something that was geared towards women — something that would teach them skills that would give them hope even after the Phoenix House,” Beyoncé said.

Her mother, who also owned and operated a salon in Knowles’ hometown of Houston, heavily influenced her.

With a 90 percent completion rate, the school has already proven to be a major success in a few short months. This isn’t far fetched when students have supporters like Beyoncé and several mentors who believe in them.

L’Oréal has donated all the products to be used at the center, and their spokeswoman Beyoncé, along with her mother, have pledged to donate $100,000 annually.

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