From NBC Sports ‘Out of Bounds’:

The big question about Tiger Woods was never about getting back to form on the golf course; it was pretty much expected that he would. But now that divorce is looming — expensive, $175 million divorce — what is Tiger’s next move in the lady department? Sex therapy or no, no one expects him to be a monk. Well, he may be back in the game, according to Radar Online today. Tiger was seen out on the course in his gated community in Orlando with “a blonde beauty,” who rode around with him in a golf cart.

“Tiger was on the golf course the other day, hitting balls,” an eyewitness told us. “He was with a very pretty blonde who looked a lot like Elin. She was sitting in the golf cart while he was playing.

“They were talking and laughing and obviously having a good time.”

“They were very comfortable with each other, relaxed. It didn’t look like the kind of scene you would see if Tiger and Elin were still living together and happy, that’s for sure.”

Radar also reports that Tiger has been hitting the Orlando nightlife scene pretty hard.

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