Taye Diggs’ idea of romance? Buying his wife a house

Taye Diggs discusses his acting career, family life and reveals the most romantic thing he ever did for his wife...

From ivillage:

Taye Diggs and his actress wife Idina Menzel met in 1996 while costarring in the Broadway show Rent, got married in 2003 and had their son Walker in 2009. And in all those years, Diggs says the most romantic thing he ever did for his wife was buy her a house. “I think that’s pretty romantic,” the actor tells iVillage in an exclusive interview. “A house and a car — from a male perspective, I think that’s as romantic as it can get!”

On his ABC hit medical drama Private Practice, Diggs, 39, knows how to make the ladies swoon. In the show’s season finale, his Dr. Sam Bennett finally got together with the show’s leading lady, Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh). “Obviously, there’s a future,” he says of the small-screen pairing. “I just don’t know if their future is going to be them joined together. It would be fun to play as an actor.”

iVillage caught up with Diggs at an Alpo event that celebrated “real dogs” (not the ones who wear sweaters and go to doggie spas) and the actor dished about how his own pooch, Sammy Davis Jr., prepared him for fatherhood, the funniest thing his son does (it involves the bathroom!) and if he’ll guest star on Glee.

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