LEOGANE, Haiti (AP) — Bill Clinton has returned to Haiti on a new mission to invigorate recovery from January’s devastating earthquake and help millions end lives of poverty and danger.

On his first visit since becoming co-chairman of the committee overseeing more than $5.3 billion in international reconstruction aid, the former U.S. president visited a seaside town next to the epicenter.

Clinton said he was not happy with the pace of recovery so far but did express optimism that conditions could rapidly improve.

Probably the biggest outstanding need is shelter. Tarps are pitched in flood zones, aid groups have been slow to build transitional shelters, and disagreements with owners over land rights have slowed efforts.

Meanwhile, more people are streaming into homeless camps because they can no longer pay rent or they need food, medical care and other aid. Camp populations are now estimated at 1.5 million.

Clinton pledged $2 million from his personal foundation for recovery efforts.

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