Nashville police still face scrutiny in death of Steve McNair

There may have been numerous errors in the investigation of McNair's death and Nashville police are still ironing out the correct details...


Nearly a year after the death of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair, the Nashville Police Department still hasn’t offered satisfactory answers to all the questions their investigation raised. And one former Nashville cop is trying to get those questions answered by going before a grand jury.

It didn’t take long for police to conclude that McNair was shot and killed by his girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi, before she committed suicide. But the police created the impression that there was a rush to judgment in the case by getting certain details wrong, including major details about when Kazemi got the gun she supposedly used to kill McNair and herself, and the relationship she had with the man who sold her the gun.

CBS News launched an investigation shortly after McNair’s death that conclusively demonstrated that the police were wrong when they said Kazemi barely knew the man she bought the gun from. Police acknowledged they got that detail wrong, but they said it didn’t affect their larger conclusion that the deaths of Kazemi and McNair were a murder-suicide.

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