From Benjamin Lesser New York Daily News:”:

Congressman Gregory Meeks, Senior Member of the House Committee on Financial Services, has received tens of thousands of dollars in personal loans that he didn’t report publicly, according to The New York Daily News.

Meeks admitted to The News late Friday that in the past three years, he has obtained two loans totaling $55,000 that he did not reveal on the financial disclosure forms he’s required to file with the U.S. House clerk.

He says he obtained one loan with an initial principal of $40,000 in 2007 and says he since has paid it back. Meeks says he got a second personal loan in 2008 with an initial principal of $15,000 that he’s still paying back.

The congressman said that on Friday he filed amended financial disclosure statements that reflect the existence of the two loans.

His office, though, failed to respond to repeated requests for copies of the amended reports.

Under House rules, members of Congress must obtain special permission from the Ethics Commission for personal loans and provide documentation setting forth the terms.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have subpoenaed documents from Meeks and several other Queens politicians, including Meeks’ ally, state Senate President Malcolm Smith, in an “ongoing corruption probe.

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