According to the Grapevine Police Department in Texas, domestic disturbances in vehicles are a common occurrence…but sometimes they can turn deadly.

In the case of Michael Jerome Walker, he and his girlfriend were in a heated argument when Walker hit her in the side of the head while she was driving.

The young woman immediately pulled over and tried to flag down help but not before Walker turned his anger and his attention toward her five-year-old son.

Police told reporters that Walker grabbed the boy and threatened to hurt him, but the child managed to free himself from Walker’s grasp.

That’s when the suspect shoved the boy into oncoming traffic.

Sounds of screeching cars can be heard on a 911 tape, revealing the exact moment when the child was pushed in front of the speeding vehicles.

Amazingly, aside from a few bruises and scrapes, the boy walked away unharmed and Walker was taken into custody.