Tennessee dad kidnaps son, stashes him at grandma's

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The little boy at the center of an amber alert originating in Tennessee was found safe in south Florida.

7-month-old Drake Boyd is safe with his father’s family tonight – and they’re saying it’s all a misunderstanding.

But that’s not what the boy’s mother says.

The baby was reportedly kidnapped during a violent domestic confrontation in Tennessee.

Police in Tennessee say David Jackson assaulted the boy’s mother Sunday, took the baby, and stole her car.

Now authorities want to know how the infant ended up with his grandmother and aunt in Miami.

Jackson is suspected of the aggravated kidnapping but his grandmother, Nora Reynolds, insists this is all a misunderstanding. She claims that Jackson simply wanted to spend time with his son.

Miami Dade police found Drake in the care of relatives at a family grocery store on the 58 hundred block of NW 22nd avenue on Monday afternoon.

Relatives claim they found out about the amber alert through TV news reports.

While family members downplay what may have happened, authorities urgently want to get the 35-year-old suspect off the streets.

The U.S. Marshals and the FBI are now involved as they search for Jackson and three females who may have helped in the abduction.