Most countries fail to deliver On Haiti aid pledges

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From BlackVoices

I wish this were a surprising bit of news, but it isn’t. CNN reported that for all of the countries that pledged support to Haiti, only 2 percent of that money has actually gone to the country. This includes countries like the United States who pledged $1.15 billion and has paid nothing. That’s nada. Zero.

Just what is Bill Clinton doing over there again? Food supplies continue to go undisbursed and more than 1 million remain homeless living under tarps.

Venezuela promised $1.32 billion, has paid none of it, but also forgave Haiti’s oil debt ($295 million) as Chavez acknowledged, “Haiti has no debt with Venezuela, it is Venezuela who has a historic debt with Haiti,” referring to Haiti’s support in Venezuela’s independence from France. (Of course, there should be no such debt to begin with since it was enforced as a result of Toussaint Louverture’s successful fight for independence, but that’s another story).

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