Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo protests AZ immigration law

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The Arizona immigration law is set to take effect on Thursday and many feel that it will promote the practice of racial profiling in America.

Taboo, a member of the popular hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas, has made a video in protest of the bill (also known as SB1070). “One heart, One Beat” shows a montage of various social and political leaders who worked to combat racial and social injustices including John F. Kennedy, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr.

Taboo says the motive for the video is supposed to influence people to the “greater call for action.”

“It was something that hit home and I just want to do my part. If it’s a small part, so be it,” Taboo said.

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Taboo, a Mexican-American, says the video was inspired by his personal experiences, too. He says his grandmother was racial discriminated against, even though she was born in Arizona.

“For me, being apart of something so big and so grand in my time period, I felt it was my call for action to be involve,” Taboo said.

This law will affect many people across the state of Arizona and polls show that about 65 percent of Americans think that the law is needed.

Taboo agrees that action must be taken to address the issue of illegal immigration, but he says the solution is not in SB1070.

“The way it’s going about, it makes me feel embarrassed. I performed in Arizona and I’m kind of appalled this would happen so soon right after I performed there. I gave it up for the state,” Taboo said.