ESPN announcer to black NASCAR crew member: ‘Tap dance for us’

From Jalopnik:

Continuing the racial insensitivity we’ve come to expect from ESPN, a race announcer finished an interview this weekend with NASCAR crew member Kenyatta Houston — who is black — by asking him to “tap for us” before the race. Seriously.

This weekend’s NASCAR race at Pocono was delayed at the start by rain and the ESPN team was forced to fill the first 30 minutes of the broadcast with banter and discussion. At approximately 1:38 PM EST, they start an interview with the “over-the-wall reporter” for the day Kenyatta Houston — a pit crew member for Kevin Harvick and graduate of the NASCAR Drive for Diversity program.

The conversation is fairly normal until, out of nowhere, one of the broadcasters says: “We call this in the television business the tap-dance and people know we can’t dance. Can you… gotta little tap for us down there?”

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