African-Americans only 1 percent of Internet start-up founders

While young prodigies often receive the spotlight for their exciting new start-ups, most companies are founded by those in their mid-thirties and early forties and many were CEOs or founders at some time...

From Black Web 2.0

Black Web 2.0 has written about the importance of securing funding for Internet start-ups at various stages from the great idea to contracting the know-how to build it to the launch.

Private investment research firm CB Insights has released its first ever Human Capital Venture Capital report. In part one of the report, the company takes an in-depth look into characteristics of the founders of venture-backed companies including race, age and experience, and the number of founders per company.

The study covers the first six months of the fiscal year (Jan-Jun 2010) and focuses on Internet companies that secured their first round of funding. To further narrow the study, the geographical locations are focused on The Big Three in Internet funding: California, Massachusetts, and New York.

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