Murder victim found after three years buried in cement

Police in Cocoa, Florida are investigating a gruesome murder after the discovery of a bizarre grave.

They say 22-year old college student Darice Knowles met her killer within days of arriving here from the Bahamas.

When heavy equipment delivered her skeletal remains to the medical examiner’s office, it was clear how shocking and cruel her 2006 murder had been.

According to a source who saw the body Knowles was trapped inside a large lump of concrete, her head, hands and legs left exposed, her mouth and wrists bound with duct tape.

Investigators won’t discuss the condition of the body. Police do think they know who did it, but aren’t naming their suspect. It appears a participant in the murder led them to the body.

Police don’t know if the innocent young woman was dead or alive when she was dropped in the hole and covered in concrete. An autopsy at the medical examiner’s office may be extremely difficult. A University of Florida anthropology lab will examine the bones and attempt to recover DNA of the murderer.